Key Leadership: CEVA and CEVA Health Consortium

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Applying Global Expertise

CEV Associates brings years of practical experience and a host of proven, proprietary methodologies to solutions for foreign governments and institutions around the world that are in need of expanded and sustainable capacity, particularly in healthcare and security sector reform.

As a private sector company, only CEVA

  • Offers the breadth, depth and scope for solutions;
  • Possesses the high level of credibility, domain knowledge and interpersonal relationships with key leaders around the world.

Our Key Leaders:

CEVA is led by individuals of towering reputation, a deep and abiding commitment to excellence in outcomes and unshakeable integrity. Key CEVA leaders include:

General Carl Vuovo

General (Retired) Carl E. Vuono

31st Chief of Staff of the US Army, former President of a highly successful capacity building company. Under his leadership, his company grew from a start-up to revenues of $1.4B in fifteen years.

Michael Kirby

Mr. Michael Kirby

Former Deputy Under Secretary of the US Army, Former Executive at CSC.

Dr. Christopher Shoemaker

Dr. Christopher Shoemaker

Former White House staff member, Former SVP for strategy at two major US companies.



For all inquiries please send an email to or call +1-703 684-4431.

Leadership Experience:

Management of complex programs in more than 60 countries, including:

  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Kuwait
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Pakistan
  • Throughout the United States
Security - Justice - Well-being

Development and integration of programs for security, justice and well-being world-wide.

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